There’s no salary, no incentives, and no wait for pay checks, but you make millions with one shot. Yes, this is the world of professional blackjack players. Over the years, the game has given birth to some of the best blackjack players. They are a source of inspiration, and at the same time, offer us insights into the world of gambling. The players have various kinds of standards. Some make millions, and some make thousands, but there’s no doubt that their world is as exciting as it looks. Professional players can earn as much as $100,000 a year as long as they’re of the legal age in their country.

Bryce Carlson

Bryce Carlson

Bryce Carlson is not just a gambler, but at the same time, he has authored a book on the game. It’s titled Blackjack for Blood. The player started playing the game in 1970, and though initially, he landed some wins, but not that big enough to be noticed. However, in the 90s when the game became popular, he made better inroads in the game. He also developed Omega II Blackjack Machine that helps to understand the game. When it comes to the top players of the game, his name indeed has a reputation.

Edward O. Thorp

Edward has a lot of titles to his name. He is a professor, a blackjack player, and a hedge fund manager. His profile is enough to give an impression about his game. He has also developed a card counting technique that can help to ascertain the remaining cards in the game. In addition to that, Edward has also published a book titled Beat the Dealer. The book has been instrumental in attracting a lot of people to the game, and many have employed his techniques to win a lot of money.

 Arnold Snyder

Arnold Snyder did not just play the game, but he analysed everything that made him one of the best players of blackjack. He went on to become a gambling writer. He initially used his techniques at low-stakes games until he played for the big money. His techniques allowed him to gain an upper hand in the game, and simply put, he beat the casinos in their own game. He’s a well-known gambling writer and continues to share his ideas.

Russ Hamilton

Russ started his career in poker, however, he soon shifted to blackjack, and started investing more time and money in it. He also collaborated with other teams and players to bet on the game. He was also the founder of the Elimination Blackjack tournament. The tournament was also televised. However, he later fell on the hard days when his name appeared in a gambling scandal of $2 million.

Don Johnson

Don Johnson

Don Johnson is a name that nobody can afford to overlook. The professional blackjack player won $15million in the game against the three casinos in Atlantic City. In just one hand, he won $800,000. The winning streak followed him for six months.


Blackjack is an easy game, but if one is skilled, then it has a lot of potentials to make money. This is the skill that turns an amateur into a professional.


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